Both Parties Agree

A $500.00 dollar deposit is required for each puppy requested to get on puppy reserve waiting list today.
Reserve puppy before birth Fee 500.00, Full balance is due after birth, Full payment required for puppies that are available now.
Fees will apply all transactions, a sales tax 8.25% and transaction fee of 3.5%
.We accept all credit cards, We do not take checks!

If the sex or color of first litter puppy not available and accounting to your number on waiting list.your money will go to next litter available or next season first chosen litter puppy according your place in line.  We never know the sex or how many of that sex will be born until it happens. Sometimes nature happens too (still born)and if it does happen then you will be moved to the top of next same sex puppy of that litter or next chosen same sex puppy availble of other litter or you may wait until next season of first litter chosen.

Sample of Waiting List:
your request the litter you would like a puppy, then accounting to the waiting list if you are #1 on waiting list and chose a female then the first female born will be your puppy. second girl will go to next on waiting list for that litter etc.  same thing applies to a male puppy. If the sex of your puppy is not born when according to waiting list,we will put you down for the next littler puppy available or next season of your first chosen litter available.. We try to be fair to everyone on list and this way we believe is a fair way for all. (a 1234 system)  Its like Clementin she has only had girls and if you requested a boy from her litter we have to wait until she has a boy then that first born male would be
your puppy. if she had second boy then if second boy request on waiting list would be their puppy and so forth. 

No cash refunds will be given if we agree to sell to buyer, All monies are non-refundable
if a act of nature(death) happens before or after dam gives birth of said requested dam litter puppy  Puttin On The Ritz Poodles the breeder/seller are not responsible for any act of nature that could happen to puppies before or birth. Sometime things just happen it is no fault of anyone !!  We do make sure all vet care and everything we can do to have a healthy puppy is done while in our care.          We have the right to not sale a puppy at any given time if that happens all money or monies fee will be retured by check, square or paypal.

We just cannot determine nature sex or color etc!! In this case this happens No money will be exchanged but will be applied to the available puppy of same sex, of that littler mating or same value of another litter puppy. 
(Sample: We have one girl that produced all girls and customer wanted a boy from her litter, if this happens we call and ask would you like to wait on her next litter or get the same sex and value puppy that is available at that time.) 

If for some reason you decide not to purchase or get on waiting list within the first (four eight hours only) we the breeder/seller will refunded the deposit except for 3.5% if we are charged to make the transaction, also the seller/buyer agree, the purchased and decided puppy must be paid for in full at time of birth failed to do so, the seller/breeder has the right to void/null the sale of puppy to buyer and all monies, puppy or puppies monies are render to seller there for as is, where is.

In case of your puppy develops within one year of age any untreatable life threatening congenital or hereditary defect, that is a resulting in death or life-threatening condition, you must bring the breeder/seller the initial vet exams, pet scans, autopsy and picture of the dead puppy. The purpose of the autopsy is to verify that the puppy did not die due to injury, accident, hypoglycemia, or an illness or injury that was caused by the buyer and Under No Circumstance If at any time of the one year owner has the puppy euthanized without our prior written consent by vet or anyone, no replacement will be made

It is the condition of this guarantee 48hours that a licensed vet performs a complete physical examination with 2 working days after puppy is in your care also ( a vet copy of this 48hour exam will be sent to breeder/seller) if not appliance  puppy as is, where is.  If the disease or health condition could be caused by congenital or from a life style, it is exempt from the guarantee.

The new owner is responsible for obtaining veterinary advice when needed, and for paying for all or any of those services. From the time the puppy leaves the possession of the breeder/seller, the purchaser assumes all responsibility of vet bills, and for the care of said puppy or puppies.

Validation of the guarantee requires examination of your puppy by the vet of your choice and at your expense within 48 hours of its arrival. This examination is expected to confirm that your dog was healthy upon receiving puppy and we are to receive a copy from the vet of the 48hour examination. To buyer failure to have an exam performed within the 48 hour time period will render this guarantee null and null and void.This health guarantee is for the protection of both the buyer and the seller, and most importantly the puppy. This contract is for the first 12 months of life and is nontransferable. At no time cash refund will be made.

We are not responsible for a puppy's illness, diseases and etc. after they have left our care. You should be careful where you take your puppy and who handles it as well. The puppy should not be exposed to previously infested disease areas or to places where a high level of exposure to diseases is possible. Treat him/her as if she is a newborn baby. Safety, food and attraction should be a high on your list for puppies! 


* Heart defects (scale 4 or above)
* Genetic defect causing death
* Congenital organ dysfunction resulting in death
* Parvovirus
* Canine Distemper
* Coronavirus
They take our pets to the Vet for their last vet checkup when possible before they leave for their forever home to insure us, our puppy left our care healthy.

HEALTH Guarantee does not cover
This guarantee does not cover accident, injury or mishandling, or any disease, illness or defect, including but not limited to:  Hydrocephalus / low sugar, any treatable disorders or common disorders in poodle breeds, sample as luxating patella, hernias, open fontanel, nervous system, orthopedic, spinal disease, airway syndrome pallet conditions, malocclusion, periodontal disease, parasites, coccidia, giardia, worms, blood sugar, hair coat and color or skin issues. We have no control over the puppy environment or life after leaving this home, and will not be responsible after leaving our care. 
We gladly replace your puppy under our reasonable circumstances however, we are not responsible for any vet bills, time and delivery of your puppy or replacement puppy.

Size and Color no guarantee. It is not possible to know exactly what size or color a puppy will be when grown. Any indications of size and color are an estimate based on the size and color at birth, and this can change depending on a lot of other variables. We estimate the size on our experiences as a breeder, not able to guarantee the predicted size of the puppy. Much of its size is based on its lifestyle with new owners, including amount of exercise and the food they may eats. also color of hair, texture, and length, are not guaranteed at all. Hair color changes with time and age. I do not guarantee that my puppy or puppies are show quality or that they are potentials for breeding they are sold as pets.     

Remember stress can and will cause the puppy's sugar to drop to dangerous levels. It is the responsibility of the new owner to be very observant regarding the puppy's sugar level, to be aware of action that needs to be taken if this condition does occur. The new owner should be cautious to make sure that this condition doesn't affect the puppy, and the breeder cannot be responsible for issues that area result of neglect of this conditions, The new owner is aware of past medical health of this puppy upon accepts it there for as is, where is. 

Small size puppies can be especially delicate.  They require a very high level of care.  New puppy owners will need to take extra precautions regarding the feeding, handling and care of the puppy to ensure that the puppy's sugar is at a healthy level.   We do not recommend changing food or giving table food to puppies. We use quality dog food for all our pets and always let the buyer know the name of the food we use!    We do not recommend teacups as pet for children or placed in home with larger animals they are just so tiny in size. most families buy the tiny toy or toy puppies for the families with children and larger pets

Like people, animals can be very healthy one minute and die the next, Nature and our environment plays a big part on our life, as we all know, we can get bitten by a mosquito and die etc, so many things out there now days. We are all lucky to have good health as long as we can and that nature allows, We believe our puppies are given the best opportunity while in our care for good health as determine by our type of breed of canine.  As they leave our care and grow its up to you for their love, care, and unto nature to determine their life span.      To our knowledge so far we gave a happy, healthy, gentle and loving canine family. 

In the next few months or so, we ask you to monitor your puppy’s behavior closely and make sure your puppy is doing what every healthy puppy does: eat food, drink water, play, naps and goes to the bathroom regularly.
The most important thing to remember is that a puppy are like a human baby until it’s about 4 to 6 months old they need your watch full eye. Even at 8 months they are concered grown they still need your loving care, we believe they are permanent babies and should be cared for as such.

Puppies needs to get a lot of rest and quite time  after playing, When bringing your new puppy home we recommend not to give it access to the whole house right away, rather, you should designate a room where it is nice and warm,  make sure the puppy has fresh drinking water and food available all the time and has access to it whenever it feels thirsty.

Since they are so small they don’t need to eat much but you must make sure they don’t skip a meal. If for some reason your baby doesn’t want to eat, it is important that you will let us know right away so we can suggest you what to do. Again, if the puppy doesn’t eat, do not wait, puppies can get Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) very easily if they don’t get enough calories or if they are under too much stress. Hypoglycemia can also cause weakness, seizures, lethargy and even death.

There are many things you can do to prevent that, but you must take action fast. . For first aid – Use a clean towel to wrap around the puppy and make sure he is warm. Rub a bit of honey, corn syrup on the gums to get some glucose in his blood. Try to get the puppy to eat ASAP. If the attack is very strong take him immediately to see a vet. And no, you don’t need to wake up in the middle of the night to feed your little baby leave out dry pupy food at all times.

Just make sure puppy eat a bit before you go to bed (you can also give a bit of “Nutri-Cal”) if you choose and then feed your puppy first thing in the morning. If from some reason you want to change your puppy’s diet, it is important to do it during the course of about 10 days when you start with 80 % old food 20% new food and every day add more of the new and less of the old. Changing the puppy’s diet at once can cause stomach disorders and diarrhea. Not good.
Check your puppy on a daily basis to make sure everything is OK.

For the next few month or so it is recommended not give your puppy a full bath, instead, use a warm, wet towel or baby wipes to clean. Make sure the puppy is completely dry when you’re done as they are easy to get a cold. An important spot to check is the bottom. Make sure it is nice and clean, and if needed wash with warm water and a bit of puppy shampoo. Altogether, tea-cup puppies are exactly like any other puppies, all they need is a little bit more time and attention to make sure they get everything they need.       Keep them safe Remember- you are not allowed to take your dog out in public except for the vet until it gets all of its shots. Just remember the public is not good for puppies!

The Breeder/Seller
Again stresses, we cannot guarantee the acts of nature, size, color, gene pool, or temperament of any dog. We estimate by previous litters at birth by their parents. Please keep in mind that it is always possible that a puppy ends up being smaller than anticipated or  larger than our original estimate nature is in charge of this.
The breeder, seller does not guarantee testicles in males or breeding females,all our dog are intended to be a companion dogs, and no warranty is made as to merchantability for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, breeding or showing. All of our puppies are If you the buyer decide to show, or breed your puppy, our intent of puppies are sold as pets only.            
We have to right to stop sale of dog at any given time before leaving our care.

Purchase and Health Agreement
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