About Weight Charts and Nature:

If anyone can tell us that the chart works good for them, they have perfect dogs that grow, eat, drink and poo right on time, They have over come nature.. 

It is very hard as a breeder to really determine the size of a puppy when it is grown  by just a weight chart at birth. There are so many varibles to any chart as everyone knows, like the time of day  you weighed the puppy or how you fed and watered that animal. This being said ,we go by the parents characteristics that we have bred and the puppies features  to help us determine the approx size the puppy will be., also the puppies final color.  We have learned Nature has the last say on all things.

Our dogs and nature has taught us you can match up a dam and sire and get a total differant color and size from each litter they have. Litters will be different each time (thats called Nature)
A great exsample is our Bella.  Her weight at birth was 5 1/2oz, She should of been a Tiny Toy by the chart but her features and her parents said otherwise. She's almost 3years old and weighs only 2 1/2 lbs and eats like a horse. The chart didn't match her weight or frame, did it?  

Our puppies do not stay here long enough to really know the size and color without we are keeping the puppy for ourselves to actually know their size or color grown.
Our customers have told us wondful news about the puppies we have sold them, they were even smaller then we thought they would be. They were intelligent, tiny ,healthy and happy puppies.

We are not nature and  know only what we have seen our teacups and tiny toys  have produced. Thats why we use pics instead of charts.  Pictures are truly worth more then words or charts .

We believe in good veterinarian care and feeding only the best food available. These things along with love makes for a happy, healty puppy.

We can tell you truthfully, we breed true teacups and tiny toys,  no runts..
Our teacups have three and four generations of teacup gene pools.
We breed our tiny toys to teacup males to even hopefully produce smaller then normal tiny toys.   

We are devoted and comitted to our breed of teacups and tiny toys  We give them all the best that is needed for a very clean healthy and happy life with us.  Our Dams and Sires are bred to produce and preserve our amazing type of  teacup and tinytoy poodles with the Pixie Face for family pets to love and enjoy a good life

We try our hardest to be honest about our puppies and get that dream puppy for our customers.
We are not hear to do as so many do tell stories about age, size, color etc  just to sell a puppy...  We are concerend about each puppy that leaves here , about the care and enviroment it will be going to .. Hoping they will never be without care , love or go without food to stay a certain  size etc. 

Please Do Not buy a pet just to say you have one , buy one to be your Best Friend and  a Family Member..  Remember any teacup pet is a life time baby not to be left alone outside or inside.
Thank you for visiting our pampered pets and their puppies   Don and Betty Humphrey

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